What We Believe

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Our Values

- Biblical Authority
The Bible is God's Word to us, the story of his relationship with his people. It is the authority behind all our teaching.

- Spirit-Empowered Living
God's nearness is made known to us through his Spirit - the Third person of the Trinity. He guides, comforts and challenges us to live out new life in Christ.

- Prayer
God works through the discipline prayer in our homes and our church. Prayer is conversation with God and helps us to under-stand his mission and message.

- Unity
God has placed us together to do his work in Quincy. We desire to do this with a unified heart, seeking nothing for ourselves but God's will only.

- Community
God transforms us through our relationship to the Body of Christ. Our relationships are marked by honesty and reconciliation, faith, hope and love. God's character is reflected in the way we fellowship together. We aspire to live out the "one another" passages in the Gospels. We also desire to be in close community with the greater body of Christ.

- Living Out Our Spiritual Giftedness
God enables us to accomplish his mission by blessing us with a diversity of gifted people. Each person at Central Baptist brings unique skills and gifts that complement each other and enable us to complete God's mission. Through our gifts we are able to encourage and equip the saints for the work of the Kingdom. The body works together as a team to accomplish these things.

- Evangelism and Missions
God calls us to take the gospel to the world both close to home and far away. We are a sending church, growing strong disciples who are sharing the love of God in many places.

- Fruit of the Spirit
God calls us to live fruitful lives that draw others to Him. We want to live lives of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. We wish to be encouragers of good fruit by mentoring and discipling believers to grow in the grace of the Lord.

Current Series

Our Purpose Statement

The Purpose of Central Baptist Church is to be a living and visible body of believers in Jesus Christ, fulfilling the historical Baptist principals of faithfulness to Christ and His word through: The public worship of the triune God. The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad in order to make disciples. The administration of Baptism by immersion. The regular observance of the Lord's Supper. The instruction of believers in matters pertaining to the Christian life as revealed in the scriptures. The mutual encouragement of believers in achieving Christian goals consistent with the scriptures. The equipping of believers for works of service to the whole person both in the local church and extending beyond our local community.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by fulfilling Christ's mission for His church through the teaching of the scriptures, fellowship, worship, prayer and evangelism in Quincy, Massachusetts, in the United States and to the ends of the earth.

We are called to......
...preach, teach, and live out, the truth of Scripture in our worship services, our classrooms, and our lives.

...work together in unity for the Kingdom of God.

...living out a new life, restoring relationships and being encouragers.

...unity and a spirit of understanding in a diverse culture, both inside and outside the church.

...share the gospel as witnesses of what God is doing and can do.

...live out the fruit of the Spirit

...think globally. Supporting and sending ministry partners who are committed to demonstrating Christ's love around the world

...equip and empower all members of Central Baptist to discover and use their unique gifts as we serve in ministry together.

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